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Smart Home Product Demos

Smart Cameras

Look at all the ways you can feel safe by adding an indoor or outdoor smart camera at your home.

Smart Ceiling Fans

Stay cool without leaving your couch with a smart ceiling fan switch installed on your current setup, then add automations to control the fan at different speeds based off the room's temperature.

Smart Door Locks

Watch how easy it is to unlock/lock your smart lock with the Apple Home app or with your voice using Siri.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Effortlessly (and securely) setup your garage door with a smart opener so that when you are closely to your home, you will be prompted to open it, or need to let someone in the house and don't want to give them the garage door code? Here's your answer.

Smart Humidifiers

Is a room in your house really dry? You or your child sick? Automatically have a smart humidifier turn on when the relative humidity drops below a certain threshold and be amazed.

Smart Lighting

Discover all the ways you can utilize smart lights in your home, from automations when the sun comes up, to having your lights turn on when you are approaching your home.

Smart Plugs

Consider all the ways you could improve your daily tasks with a smart plug, from turning the fireplace on when you wake up in bed, to having your outdoor string lights turn on when the sun goes down.

Smart Sensors

See the immediate effect a smart sensor can have in your home, from lighting, to making sure secure entries are closed and locked up for the night.

Smart Thermostats

Watch and be amazed at how easily you could start cutting down your power bill just from simply installing a smart thermostat in your home.

Video Doorbells

See all the ways a video doorbell can improve your life, from seeing who is at the door, or by having a live conversation with whoever is there (and even unlocking your door and turning on lights based on who is there).

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